The Sports Holiday Orchestra

The Sports Holiday Orchestra is formed every year in week 7, and is made up of young people aged 14-19. The week’s finale is a concert in the Great Hall of the Gothenburg Concert Hall. Musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony will coach the young musicians throughout rehearsals with conductor Thord Svedlund.

The Sports Holiday Orchestra is very popular among children and adolescents. While the sights are set on the highest musical level is the main objective to let the young musicians meet like-minded people. During the fun and relaxed atmosphere they create symphonic music together.

For many of the young, this is the first experience of playing in the symphony orchestra. Many choose to return year after year, or to continue his musical career in Vägus. The Sports Holiday Orchestra has played every year since 1998. The conductor Thord Svedlund is one of the founders of the orchestra. Normally, he is a violinist in the Gothenburg Symphony.


Be a part of the orchestra

For the sixteenth consecutive year, we welcome young musicians aged 14-19 to a fun and challenging week in the Gothenburg Concert Hall. Experience what it is to be professional musicians with rehearsal and concert. The Sports Holiday Orchestra 2017 will play works by – among other – Wagner, Grieg and Bizet.

Strings, brass and percussion are welcome!

Date: 14-18 February 2017
Times: Preliminary Tuesday-Friday 10-15, Saturday 12-17
Concert: Saturday 18 February at 15:00 in the Great Hall Gothenburg Concert
Repertoire: Music of Wagner, Grieg and Bizet
Sheet music: Ask your teacher Game for help selecting Meeting.
Fee: information coming soon.


Application deadline: December 9, 2016.
Registration is binding. Each member of the symphony orchestra is important for it to work, so it is important that all who are accepted and will be participating in the concert on 18 February.

Notification of admission: December 19, 2016

Are you a member of the National Association of Young Musicians and lives in Västra Götaland or Halland to get the part of the fee paid. RUM stands for 250 SEK and you pay 50 SEK. Are you unsure if you are a member, please contact your association / orchestra or hear from you to the district consultant distriktkonsulent Pia Hjalmarsson,


Lyssnar på duktiga #Sportlovsorkestern i #Norrköping
Såhär mitt i sportlovet har musicerande ungdomar från hela länet samlats och bildat Sportlovsorkestern som ikväll uppträder hos oss. 🎷🎺🎻 #sportlovsorkestern #linköpinglive #linköping #konsertkongress
Musiklovet drar igång! Incheckning på sportlovsorkestern GBG! #ungmusikant #gso #sportlovsorkestern
Young musicians and singers! Now it's time to apply to Höstlovskören and Sportlovsorkestern. Read more and apply at #göteborgssymfoniker #sportlovsorkestern #höstlovskören
Today we're launching our INsidebyside campaign on social medias where we will leak information about Side by Side by El Sistema 2016! We'll be sharing behind the scenes interviews with workshop leaders, sneak peaks from future locations, secret information about the camp and much more! #göteborgssymfoniker #sidebysidebyelsistema #höstlovskören #sportlovsorkestern
Snart dags för konsert igen. #sportlovsorkestern #sportlovsorkestern2016 #Norrköping
#sportlovsorkestern2016#cello #göteborgskonserthus#musik @gabrielleekecrantz#sportlovsmusik #sportlovsorkestern
Liten och stor kontrabas 😊 Harald Edin och Charlie DeRamus är kolleger i sportlovsorkestern som nu är inne på slutspurten inför morgondagens konsert. Tjajkovskij och Kalinnikov står på programmet. #GSO #goteborgskonserthus #goteborgssymfoniker #kontrabas #contrabass #tjajkovskij #kallinikov #sportlovsorkestern #sportlov #lyftGBG
~Quality time with my violin~ #sportlovsorkestern#nkpg


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