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Free concerts for schools

Every year your can enjoy concerts with the Gothenburg Symphony characterised by curiosity, playfulness and creativity. And it is always admission free. But remember to book your tickets in time - it is almost always sold out.

Study better with Octomonk

Meet Octomonk, a playful free app that helps children to study better in a peaceful way with classical music (and some high jinks).

Introduce your students to classical music

Here you can find all you need to introduce your students to classical music.

Side by Side by El Sistema

In mid-June, children and young people from all over the world gather in Gothenburg. Through music, we build bridges between people, cultures and continents.

The Fall Break Choir with orchestra

Take the opportunity to participate and perform in one of Europe's best concert halls!

The Sports Holiday Orchestra

Develop your musicality and experience the magical feeling of playing in a symphony orchestra.

Children and Young People

The first meeting with an orchestra playing classical music is a special experience; one that – here with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra – is characterised by curiosity, playfulness and creativity. Our events for children and young people have the same high ambitions as when we play to adult audiences, even if there is more laughing – both from us in the orchestra and from the children in the audience.

In addition to playing concerts for schoolchildren, we also invite young musicians and singers to develop their musicality and have fun with us. We do this for example in collaboration with VÄGUS, Västra Götalands Ungdomssymfoniker and University of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra as both guest plays in our concert hall. Like the music contests, the Polstjärnepriset and Solistpriset which are being conducted in cooperation with us. The fall break choir with orchestra, the sports holiday orchestra, and the giant music camp Side by Side by El Sistema are our flagships.

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