Works of art

Inside the walls of the Gothenburg Concert Hall, there are many artistic treasures to enjoy. The furniture in the entrance hall was specially designed by Nils Einar Eriksson, the architect, in collaboration with Axel Larsson.

The carpets and furniture fabrics were created by Inga Wedel, and the attractive drinking fountain has been newly produced by Orrefors, following the original plans by Simon Gates.

On the walls of the Götaplatsfoajén foyer, there are, for example, Otte Sköld’s fresco painting Folkvisan (the Folk Song) and Sweden’s largest tapestry – Melodier vid torget (Melodies at the Market) – with a design by Sven X:et Erixson. Outside the entrance to the Stenhammarsalen concert room hangs Nils Wedel’s painting Musikanter (Musicians).

Here you can read more about the art and the artists.

Exhibition 17 april-20 june

Be sure to get to know the illustrator and animator Grégoire Pont! During the period 17 april to 20 june, an exhibition with his pictures is hanging on the wall at the wine bar in Stora salen’s foyer.

Grégoire Ponts specialization in music contexts is that he signs live during the concerts – images that grow in real time infront of the audience’s eyes. This has been the experience of Gothenburg Symphonies’ audience in the set of Gurrelieder 2016 and in the children’s performance The Enigmatic Friends 2018. He has also illustrated the profile pictures for the Gothenburg Symhonies’ all children’s concerts season 2017-2018.


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