Works of art

Inside the walls of the Gothenburg Concert Hall, there are many artistic treasures to enjoy. The furniture in the entrance hall was specially designed by Nils Einar Eriksson, the architect, in collaboration with Axel Larsson.

The carpets and furniture fabrics were created by Inga Wedel, and the attractive drinking fountain has been newly produced by Orrefors, following the original plans by Simon Gates.

On the walls of the Götaplatsfoajén foyer, there are, for example, Otte Sköld’s fresco painting Folkvisan (the Folk Song) and Sweden’s largest tapestry – Melodier vid torget (Melodies at the Market) – with a design by Sven X:et Erixson. Outside the entrance to the Stenhammarsalen concert room hangs Nils Wedel’s painting Musikanter (Musicians).

Here you can read more about the art and the artists.

Pictures by Erik Mofjell

HEAT! So is one of the pictures named that the Concert Hall’s visitors can see in the exhibition next to the restaurant right now. Creator of these images is the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s double bassist Erik Mofjell.

The basics of a new image are laid on the basis of one or more images from his digital image archive, after which extensive work and further development takes place in the computer’s image processing program. The result is a “fantasy world, like moving from reality into a dream,” according to Erik Mofjell.

The music is a great source of inspiration for him as well as visual artists such as Roj Friberg, William Turner, Caspar David Friedrich, Terje Hellesø and Malin Hellesø.

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