Take the opportunity to experience Bach’s Christmas Oratorio – jubilant music powerfully performed by Gothenburg Symphony Orcehstra, choir and song soloists.

The musical story begins in the Concert Hall on Thursday 12 dec. With the thundering of the timpani and the jubilations of the trumpets, Jesus birth is proclaimed. The following day, Friday 13 dec, the story continues with the journey of the three wise men and their tribute to Jesus with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

When the music was performed for the first time in 1735, it was played in smaller parts, as a sequence from Christmas to the Epiphany. Here the music is performed in its entirety – jubilant music divided into two concert nights. Choose one of them or take advantage of the unique opportunity to land properly in Christmas and throughout Bach’s fascinating universe. You get Christmas for even more senses in the restaurant and bars in the beautiful Concert Hall.

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