Guided Tour

The Gothenburg Concert Hall is more than just beautiful concert venues and public spaces. Take a guided tour and see what’s really going on behind the scenes. The price includes a lunch in the restaurant.

Digital tour

Plug in your headphones in the phone or tablet and join a guided tour led by Måns Pär Fogelberg. The tour takes 22 minutes and you start in the foyer if you are in the Concert Hall or lean back on the sofa if you are at home. The tour is in Swedish. 

Book a guided tour in the Concert Hall

The tour takes about 3.5 hours and includes an orchestra rehearsal of about 20 minutes in the Great Hall, walking tours, lectures about the house and Gothenburg Symphony and a lunch in our restaurant. The lunch includes main course, salad, bread and light beer/water.

You can bring cheelchairs or similar aids on the guided tours but please tell us when you book your tickets. In exceptional cases, the orchestra’s rehearsal times may change and we must adjust the time for your guided tour.

Warmly welcome!


Guided tour with lunch 300 SEK / person

Booking and questions

Book directly on the web on your choosen date, or contact the box office: +46(0)31-726 53 00,

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