A gala night for the music

The live music has returned to Gothenburg’s stages after many, long and silent months. We celebrated this together with the people of Gothenburg by putting on a very special evening that lifted and supported the musicians of the future via a fundraiser for Popkollo Göteborg and Räddningsmissionens Communityskola in Tynnered.

On September 30, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra played in the Concert Hall together with the specially invited artists Jill Johnson, Linnea Henriksson, Daniel Lemma, Amanda Werne and Mimi Bay – a collaboration between Göteborgs-Posten, Göteborg & Co and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

“Cooperation during a pandemic means everything. I’m so happy to be a part of musical encounters right now, and it has seldom felt more luxurious to be able to sing with a symphony orchestra. Very much looking forward to this! ”, Says Jill Johnson.

The artists sing their own songs as well as unique duets in an evening filled with music and anticipation.

Contribute to Popkollo Göteborg & Räddningsissionens Communityskola in Tynnered

In connection with the gala, money was also raised for the non-profit business  Popkollo Göteborg och Räddningsmissionens Communityskolan Tynnered, both of which work to get more young people to learn music. The collection has so far raised about SEK 20,000 and is still open.

You can swish on the following numbers: Popkollo: 1232079945

Räddningsmissionen: 1239004441

Write “Gala night” in the message line.


The concert was recorded on September 30 for GSOplay and

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