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Beethoven’s Fate Symphony

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Few would dispute that Beethoven’s Fifth is the world’s most famous symphony. The initial theme of fate is known to many, but there is so much more to discover: a swaying second movement and a glorious grand finale. There is no better way to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th anniversary than this.

Schumann wrote his second symphony from the piano, at a furious pace, in 1845. That energy vibrates in some of the movements, but as always there are also melancholic streak, so typical of the tormented composer who would end his life in a mental hospital. The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s first guest conductor Christoph Eschenbach, who turned 80 in February, has known his Beethoven and Schumann since he was a piano-playing boy in Breslau in the 1940s. He can draw from the rich experiences of a long life when preparing for this performance.

Live studio and chat from 19.45

The broadcast starts at 19.45 CET with a pretalk from the studio. There will be interviews and talks under the direction of Andreas Lindahl, orchestra manager and music journalist. Also, be sure to join the chat here on the page when the broadcast starts. To do this, watch the concert on your computer and log into your Google account in the stream. The chat is not available on mobile, tablet or app.


Schumann Symphony No 2

Beethoven Symphony No 5


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Christoph Eschenbach conductor

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