Available until 1 March 2018

E.S.T. Symphony

Orchestral versions of the much-loved music of Esbjörn Svensson Trio with the Gothenburg Symphony.E.S.T. Symphony was set together by conductor and arranger Hans Ek who orchestrated the trio’s unique material. Esbjörn Svensson Trio, E.S.T., was one of Sweden’s and the world’s most creative jazz trios before it was dissolved after the death of the pianist Esbjörn Svensson in 2008. This orchestral work includes some of the trio’s highlights in a performance by the Gothenburg Symphony and top jazz soloists, including original trio members Dan Berglund and Magnus Öström.

The group was formed in 1993, the same year as they released the debut album When Everyone Has Gone. With the album From Gagarin’s Point of View 1999, E.S.T. breaked internationally and the band managed to produce 13 albums before Esbjörn Svensson died tragically in a drowning accident.

Recorded for GSOplay 25 November 2017.


Svensson E.S.T. Prelude
Svensson From Gagarins point of View
Svensson When God Created the Coffeebreak
Svensson Seven Days Of Falling
Svensson Wonderland Suite
Svensson Tuesday Wonderland
Svensson Dodge the Dodo
Svensson Eighthundred Streets by Feet
Svensson Viaticum Suite
Svensson Behind the Yashmak


Gothenburg Symphony
Hans Ek Conductor
Dan Berglund Bass
Magnus Öström Drums
Marius Neset Saxophone
Magnus Broo Trumpet
Helge Lien Piano
Johan Lindström Pedal steel


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