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Gageego! | low fidelity

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Discover when a multifaceted composer, a skilful conductor and Gageego! create a musical experience beyond the ordinary at this première.

Joshua Wat is a composer from Hong Kong. He has composed for orchestra, choir, various ensembles and solo instruments, as well as electronics. He has worked with ensembles like Norrköping Symphony Orchestra and Gageego!. He has won the Stellar Composition Competition with his Prologue to Neither Here nor There for solo marimba. His piano quintet Souvenir of Fallen Grace was a finalist entry in the O/Modernt Composition Award in Sweden. His viola quartet Vanity of Repetition was also selected to be performed at a concert by the Dutch Viola Society. Earlier this year he has been accepted into the Swedish Society of Composers (Föreningen svenska tonsättare).

low fidelity was written under the guidance of Malin Bång and Ole Lützow-Holm in the composition courses at the Academy of Music and Drama of the University of Gothenburg. In this piece, Joshua Wat looked at transposing daily soundscapes in Hong Kong into music for flute/bass flute, bass clarinet, percussion, piano and cello. This results in a calm and obscure listening experience in contrast to the swarming life of the city.

About Gageego!

The ensemble was formed in 1995 and works to explore and make contemporary chamber music more accessible. As one of the most important actors in Music Sweden, the ensemble is appreciated for interpreting today’s music at the highest technical and artistic level in a fun-filled and curious way. In addition to concerts in Sweden, the ensemble has toured in Russia and Denmark and guest performed at Lange Nacht der Neue Klänge in Vienna’s concert hall.

Recorded for GSOplay May 2020


Wat Low Fidelity



Rei Munakata conductor

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