Glazunov´s Valse de concerto no. 1

Glazunov had a wonderful rhythmic sense. This is obvious in the delightful Concert Waltz No 1 which definitely is on the same level as the Vienna Strauss waltzes.

Alexander Glazunov was a musical prodigy with special gifts. When he composed Concert Waltz No 1 at the age of 28 he was already an experienced composer. His first symphony had its first performance in 1884 in Weimar, where he also met Franz Liszt. His next trip to Europe brought him to Paris where he conducted his second symphony in 1889, the year of the World Exhibition in the French capital. 1893 saw the creation of Concert Waltz No 1 – beautiful, charming and sweeping like a ball scene in a high budget costume movie.


Glazunov Valse de concerto no. 1


Gothenburg Symphony
Andrey Boreyko Conductor


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