Interview med Wim Wenders and Alexandre Desplat

In early February 2015, director Wim Wenders and composer Alexandre Desplat arrived in Gothenburg to record the music for the new film Every Thing Will Be Fine with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

Wim Wenders is known for films such as Paris, Texas and Wings of Desire (Himmel über Berlin). In Gothenburg he collaborated for the first time with Alexandre Desplat, who has composed music to films such as The Danish Girl, The Imitation Game, Harry Potter and Little Woman. The project together with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra was probably a kind of record when it comes to soundtracks – the music was recorded in two days only a week before the film première. In this interview you can take part of their thoughts on the collaboration and the visit to Gothenburg.

About Everything Will Be Fine

The film Every Thing Will Be Fine with Rachel MacAdams, James Franco and Charlotte Gainsbourg is about a writer who, after a family quarrel, takes a car ride and accidentally kills a boy. How can he go on with his life after this? The première screening was successful, and both audiences and reviewers praised the low-key film drama.

Recorded for GSOplay in februari 2015

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