Göteborgs Symfoniker

Saariaho: Oi kuu

The recently deceased composer Kaija Saariho was famous for his operas, but also wrote innovative chamber music. In this duet we get to travel to the moon.

Oi kuu, “Oh, the Moon”, is a suggestive piece for bass clarinet and cello from 1990 where Kaija Saariaho, brush stroke by brush stroke, creates a composite image on the canvas: long lines and fast throws against a darkly shimmering background.

In folklore, the moon has a strange power over man when he marvels at its pale light. A wonderful sight, but also a mysterious force to beware of. Kaija Saariaho knows her art and skillfully lets musicians and instruments bring her captivating moon vision to life.

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Saariaho Oi kuu


Johan Stern cello

Ragnar Arnberg clarinet