Streamed live on 22 October 2021 18:00

Organ, Orchestra and World Premiére!

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The time has come: we finally get to hear the Concert Hall’s fantastic new organ perform with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, in a shiningly new work by B. Tommy Andersson commissioned for the occasion.

A unique opportunity to let yourself be transported by voices and pipe sounds in a combination never heard before. Our conductor this evening is Jukka-Pekka Saraste, with Mattias Wager solo at the organ. The title Poseidon evokes images of still seas and stormy waves, a force of nature we have no power over. But it also brings to mind Carl Milles’ bronze sculpture standing proud in front of the Concert Hall: god of the sea, ruler of the oceans. Prepare to let your senses drown in the waves of the sea, the swell of the music.

Jukka-Pekka Saraste, principal conductor in Cologne for over a decade, knows Schumann like the back of his hand. The latter’s first symphony came into existence in an unusual way: In late January in the year of 1841, Schumann threw himself into his work with a feverish sort of madness. In just four days, he had plotted out an entire symphony; writing the score itself took just three more weeks. Schumann’s diary reads: “My symphony has given me many moments of happiness and I have more than once thanked the benevolent spirit that helped me complete this magnum opus so effortlessly and in such short time.”

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The new Concert Hall Organ

Thanks to the collaboration between the real estate company Higab, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Gothenburg’s international organ academy, Gothenburg now has a new world-class concert hall organ, built by Rieger Orgelbau in Austria. Secure your ticket to the magnificent premiere concerts and be among the first to experience the powerful organ sounds on site in the salon in Gothenburg Concert Hall!

Konserthusorgeln syns mellan lammellerna längst fram i konsertsalen, ovanför scenen. På scenen står en man och blickar upp mot orgeln.


Andersson Poseidon, Organ concerto No 2
30 min

R Schumann Symphony No 1 "Spring"
32 min


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Jukka-Pekka Saraste conductor

Mattias Wager organ

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