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Piano Concerto No 20

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Mozart’s 20th piano concerto swirling between trembling drama and melancholic hope!

Mozart’s father visited Wolfgang in Vienna in 1785 and reported home to his sister: “The concert was impeccable, the orchestra excellent. In addition to the symphonies, a singer from the Italian theatre sang two arias. Then came a new, extraordinary piano concert by Wolfgang. A copyist was writing the vocals even when we got there and your brother didn’t even have time to play the rondo with the orchestra, because he had to proofread the copies.”

The 20th piano concerto was almost the only one of Mozart’s concerts which was played in the 19th century, when romance became fashionable with stronger emotional expressions. And even today, this music captivates with its dramatic sounds and melodic melancholy.

Mozart Piano Concerto No 20

Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra
Christian Zacharias conductor and piano

Recorded for GSOplay 14 November 2018

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