Piano Quartet No 1

“One of Mozart’s best piano concertos, in pocket size”, someone said aptly about the first piano quartet in G minor from 1785, when Mozart was 29 years old.

He had reached the pinnacle of his creative development and in the future created masterpiece upon masterpiece. In this piano quartet, the Vienna of that time is reflected in both darkness and light, in both powdered wig and wrinkled knee stockings. The small format with piano, violin, viola and cello provides a transparency and presence where the parts’ loving conversations with each other appear in smallest detail. And we can hear every intimate whisper, no matter how hard they try to keep it a secret from us.



Mozart Piano Quartet No 1


Roland Pöntinen conductor and pianist

Sara Trobäck violin

Lars Mårtensson viola

Claes Gunnarsson cello

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