Polar Star Prize 2021 | Jael Caselunghe

Sometimes creativity is fired by something else than inner inspiration and strong artistic talent. At the end of the 19th century, the phenomenal French instrument makers developed a new harp that was not tied to individual keys – it could be played freely in all the colours of the rainbow!

To demonstrate the miracle, Claude Debussy was commissioned to write two dances that quickly became favourite pieces of harpists. One piece reflective and dignified, the other lively and dancing, both filled with evocative impressionistic sounds. Which is amply demonstrated by Jael Caselunghe, finalist in the Polar Star Prize 2021, in this performance with pianist Peter Friis Johansson.

The Polar Star Prize is arranged by the municipality of Vänersborg in collaboration with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and several local, regional and national partners.


Debussy Danses sacrée et profane


Jael Caselunghe harp

Peter Friis Johansson piano

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