Göteborgs Symfoniker

Polar Star Prize 2021 | Vilhelm Moqvist

“No one tells me what to do”. That attitude can be discerned in almost all of Prokofiev’s music, but if you sit down and listen with full attention, he may also open the door to his own inner world.

All this is striking in the third piano concerto, which he composed without any regards what-so-ever for the soloist – it is virtuoso, cheeky, rhythmically tricky, harmoniously bold and often unpredictable. He wrote it for himself. The finale is to be 2played fast, but not too fast2 and it develops into a veritable race with breathtaking passages where the piano in the final bars hammers out the chords. A wonderful display in the hands of this year’s winner of the Polar Star Prize, Vilhelm Moqvist, who is accompanied by Peter Friis Johansson.

The Polar Star Prize is arranged by the municipality of Vänersborg in collaboration with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and several local, regional and national partners.

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Vilhelm Moqvist piano

Peter Friis Johansson piano