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Polar Star Prize Final

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After three competitions during the autumn, four young musicians aged 14-18 will be voted on until an exciting final in the prestigious Pole Star Prize. An afternoon where some of the country’s most musical young soloists perform in the Gothenburg Concert Hall, together with a pianist.

Before the break, the finalists play their part together with the Symphony Orchestra. We also hear last year’s winner Tekla Nilsson. After a break, most of the young musicians who have participated in the Pole Star Prize play together with the orchestra. And of course, this year’s winner will be crowned by the prestigious prize, which also gives the winner SEK 50,000 in prize money and a course at the National Center for Music Talents. The Polar Star Prize is in collaboration with the National Center for Music Talents.

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About the Polar Star Prize

The Polar Star Prize is both a course and a competition in music. During the autumn holidays, more than 70 course participants and our competition participants gather in Vänersborg to play together in ensembles and orchestras and to hone their technique with musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

A number of other artists and educators with extensive international experience are also on site to teach and coach the participants. The young musicians come from all over the country and the competitors are aged 14-18. The next time they return to Vänersborg is the first week in January. Then the focus is on the competition elements and preparations for the concerts.

The jury’s task during the Competition Days is to select the four finalists who will compete against each other in a final final round. And it is precisely this final round that takes place in Gothenburg Concert Hall.


Prokofjev movement 3 from Piano concerto no nr 3
10 min

Debussy Dances for harp and string orchestra
9 min

Rota movement 1 from Divertimento concertante
9 min

Bruch movement 1 from Violin Concerto No. 1
10 min


Vilhelm Moqvist piano

Jael Caselunghe harp

Harald Edin contrabass

Nicole Biegniewska violin

Peter Friis Johansson pianist

Tekla Nilsson clarinet, last year's winner of the Polar Star Price

Andreas Lindahl presenter

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