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“Poseidon”, Organ Concerto No. 2

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Two world premières in one go! First “Poseidon”, Organ Concerto No. 2, by B Tommy Andersson. Second, the very first concert with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and the brand new Rieger concert hall organ.

The concerto was composed with the new organ’s all majestic sounds in mind, including colours and dynamics, and was inspired by the bronze statue of the Greek god Poseidon created by Carl Milles in 1931, and placed in a fountain outside the Gothenburg Concert Hall.

The composer writes: “Carl Milles was probably the foremost Swedish sculptor at this time. His slender but simultaneously powerful bronze statues seem to defy gravity. The way in which he unites old and new has always fascinated and inspired me. I too try, in my music, to unite old and new stylistic ideals. What is really new? What is modern? Our time is eclectic, so why wouldn’t art reflect this too? Isn’t that what being modern is? The most important thing for me is to, like Milles, try to create an aesthetic whole that feels believable to me, full of contrast and drama, but of beauty too.”


B T Andersson “Poseidon” Organ Concerto No. 2


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Jukka-Pekka Saraste conductor

Mattias Wager organ

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