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Serenade for Orchestra

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Wilhelm Stenhammar was one of the foremost Scandinavian composers of the decades around the turn of the 19-20th century, an artist with an exquisite sensitivity.

There is probably no other Swedish work that shimmers so much of spring as Wilhelm Stenhammar’s orchestral serenade. The composer was still in Florence when in March 1907 he got the idea for the work: “I want to compose as beautifully and tender about the south as only a northerner can”, he wrote in a letter. The serenade is a well-crafted orchestral work full of expertise, but at the same time it feels free and spontaneous – decidedly one of the Swedish repertoire’s indispensable masterpieces.

Recorded for GSOplay 19 June 2014


Stenhammar Serenade for Orchestra


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Herbert Blomstedt conductor

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