Sinfonia in G minor Op. 6:6

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Johann Christian Bach regarded his father Johann Sebastian as an “old wig” and none of the sons would distance themselves so far from the father as him – not only in terms of musical taste but also in that he had a weak spot for both beautiful clothes and good food.

After great success in the English capital, he received the nick-name “London Bach”. It was there that he met up with eight-year-old Mozart, a meeting that was vital to Mozart. Musically, Johann Christian fills the void between baroque and classicism and he became so significant that when people talked about “Bach” in the second half of the 18th century, it was him they referred to. His music is elegant and courtly, but in the sixth symphony there is also “sturm und drang”, and a strong individual feeling.


J C Bach Sinfonia in G minor Op. 6:6


Baroque Academy Gothenburg Symphony

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