Göteborgs Symfoniker

Symphony of the Grand Sisters

Two singer sisters have a grand conductor mother who will have a concert for children. Other children! The sisters are not allowed to come along. But with clever ideas and the power of music, they get where they want to go: to the Symphony of the Grand Sisters.

This is the first time director Suzanne Osten is doing something for children with an orchestra. Ann-Sofie Bárány has written the lyrics (in swedish) and Anders Niska the music for this performance which is both funny, defiant and cheeky. Suzanne Osten is a leading figure in children’s and young people’s theater in Sweden and her artistic efforts are both groundbreaking and upsetting.

– I want to create grandiose performances for my singers and musicians and give joy and power to the audience. Music and emotions! she tells of the Symphony of the Grand Sisters.

In 1975, she founded Unga Klara in Stockholm, where she worked as a director and artistic director until the summer of 2014. Since then, she has directed on many of the big stages, such as Gothenburg City Theater. The cheese also has a number of feature films in its luggage, including the Bröderna Mozart who were awarded a golden beetle.

The production is a collaboration between the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and the Stockholm Concert Hall / The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

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