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Symphony No 2

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In the 1914-1915 season, the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s principal conductor Wilhelm Stenhammar was on leave for long periods. The reason was simple: he worked on his second. It took many months of hard work before it was completed in the spring of 1915.

It was premiered on 22 April that same year with the composer conducting the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Later, Stenhammar wrote: “My symphony score was completed six days before the premiere and at the end of the finale I rehearsed for the first and only time on the day of the concert. On the whole, I am happy with the symphony, so happy that I am already starting to long for the next one.” And he had reason to be happy: it’s one of the great Nordic symphonies of its time.

Recorded for GSOplay 20 December 2013


Stenhammar Symphony No2


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Herbert Blomstedt conductor

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