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Symphony No. 6

It is indeed sad that none of Schubert’s nine symphonies were performed in public during his lifetime. One month after his death, Symphony No. 6 was performed in Vienna’s Musikverein as a tribute to the composer – a late acknowledgement of his genius also as a symphony composer. It is filled with beautiful melodies and Rossinian fervour.

The Sixth Symphony was begun at the end of 1817, a crucial year in which Schubert left his job as a primary school teacher to compose in earnest. In March 1818, he had an orchestral work performed in public for the very first time – a successful overture – and he had also finished the Sixth Symphony. A work that attracts listeners with a number of captivating themes.

Franz Schubert (1797-1828) was an extremely productive Austrian composer. During his short life he wrote over 1000 works, many of them composed for piano, song and smaller ensembles to be performed at musical salons, but he also composed large works for opera stages and concert halls.

With very few others, one can of so clearly distinguish the dark passages and the sheer light in the music – moods that came directly from the human being Schubert. He socialized extensively in the intellectual circles of artists in Vienna, but was also familiar with European cultural trends and used texts by, amongst others, Sir Walter Scott and Shakespeare.


Schubert Symphony No 6


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Santtu-Matias Rouvali conductor

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