Göteborgs Symfoniker

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No 6 “Pathétique”

Be seduced by Tchaikovsky’s 6th and final symphony, Pathétique. He put his whole soul into this work and completed it only nine days before his death. In addition, we hear Earth’s Shadows by Kaija Saariaho where the mighty concert hall organ plays a central role. 

Over time, Pyotr Tchaikovsky became one of the greatest composers of Romanticism, a master of melodies, and his works are often bursting with great emotion. The Russian subtitle of the symphony, ‘patetichesky’, means passionate. He himself considered the symphony to be his best composition and dedicated it to his nephew. The symphony begins ominously while the second movement’s five bars invite you to dance, the third bursts with joy and the last is heartbreakingly sad. 

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Tchaikovsky Symphony No 6 "Pathétique"


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Santtu-Matias Rouvali conductor