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Violin Concerto No. 5

Mozart’s fifth violin concerto, “The Turkish”, is the pinnacle of Mozarts concertos for violin and orchestra. Here performed by 19-year-old rising Swedish star Johan Dalene.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) characterized Rococo – the art style that is balanced, neat, clear and distinct. Just like his music. The fact that the style occasionally allows dark features to emerge give these elements an even stronger effect. Mozart was positive and cheerful and this in combination with an exceptional musical talent makes his music float in free air.

His life as a touring prodigy with the equally prominent sister Nannerl was not always a bed of roses, the violin-playing father Leopold was strict and demanding. Which was perhaps a prerequisite for Mozart’s productivity and worldly success. He was a master of the piano and the violin – often playing the solo parts of his piano and violin concertos with bravura.

His compositions belong to “Viennese classicism”, together with the music of Haydn and Beethoven (hthe latters early works). The composers who formed the style for the era were mainly resident in Vienna – hence the name “Vienna Classicism”. The pieces were often composed with a prominent melody part instead of as before with several equivalent melody parts. The works were also divided into blocks that balanced against each other, in different moods. During this period, the “modern” symphony was developed, and the orchestra got its current make-up.

Recorded for GSOplay in Gothenburg Concert Hall 6 February 2020.


Mozart Violin Concerto No 5


Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Leopold Hager conductor

Johan Dalene violin

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