Yoga Concert: Christmas

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A wonderful yinyoga class with live music played by musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

Just place your yoga mat or something similar on the floor and we will guide you to wellness and flowing energy. This time there will be refreshing yinyoga movements in sitting and lying positions. Today’s theme: Christmas – about daring to land in what is, this very special Christmas, and be able to find the calmness of the body and the power of the breath and rest. With the help of composers such as Bach, Beach, Haydn and Shostakovich, we go straight in and through the darkness, to find light, hope and peace – and a Christmas atmosphere!

The musician and yoga teacher Lene Skomedal takes you closer to the music and the people behind it, while guiding you through a wonderful yoga session. The sessions are structured according to the music, played by Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s own yoga quartet.


Lene Skomedal yoga instructor

Terje Skomedal violin

Joel Nyman violin

Tuula Fleivik Nurmo viola

Oscar Sokk Kleväng cello

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