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When architect Nils Einar Eriksson designed the Gothenburg Concert Hall, he wanted to create a place for everyone, with music at the center. The result was a groundbreaking building that for its time, with its stylish functionalism and beautiful natural materials, still fascinates visitors from all over the world. Concerts are performed in the Stora Salen concert room, a magnificent hall that is world-renowned for its excellent acoustics, and in the more intimate Stenhammarsalen concert room, which is gracefully decorated with elegant inlays.

The Great Hall (Stora salen)
Stora salen, a magnificent room world famous for its fine acoustics. The main hall has 1220 seats in cinema seating with 200 square meters of stage space. Wardrobe is available both with and without staffing. Adjacent to the Great Hall is the Götaplats foyer with great opportunities for mingling, food and drink in connection with your event.

See the arena plan for the Stora Salen here

The Stenhammar Hall (Stenhammarsalen)
The atmospheric Stenhammarsalen is beautifully decorated with wooden marquetry. The hall is perfect for smaller, more intimate concerts and has 380 seats in cinema seating with 60 sqm of stage space. Stenhammarsalen has its own foyer with wardrobe and dining area.

See the arena plan for the Stora Salen here 

The Wardrobe Hall (Garderobshallen)
The Wardrobe Hall is the first thing you encounter after entering through the Concert Hall’s entrance doors on Götaplatsen. It is a flexible and atmospheric venue used for mingling activities and smaller vacant concerts. The cloakroom is 500 square meters in size and its accessibility and classic design create great opportunities for unique events.

Step into the Garderobshallen with Google Maps

The Götaplats Foyer (Götaplatsfoajén)
Götaplatsfoajén is a unique mingling area with panoramic windows and a balcony with glorious views of Götaplatsen. The foyer is adjacent to the Great Hall. Everything from mingling to smaller concerts, exhibitions and much more is organized here. The bars in the foyer are always open in connection with concerts in the Great Hall.

Step into the Götaplatsfoajén with Google Maps


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