Pantomime - Papillons

Esbjerg Ensemble, Katrine Gislinge piano

Pantomime - Papillons

Esbjerg Ensemble, Katrine Gislinge piano

An easy going Beethoven? Yes, actually. In the popular Septet from 1800, there is not much darknesse. The notes flow smoothly and very Viennese. More Mozart than melancholy in other words.

The concert’s other work, Pantomime – Papillons by Bent Sørensen, is dedicated to his wife and tonight’s piano soloist, Katrine Gislinge. A romantic, lyrical and intimate reflection without words, but rich in metaphors and innuendos.

When Beethoven wrote his work, he could still hear. When Bent Sørensen wrote his, he did it by his inner ear, without having any instrument at hand. Both pieces are performed by the Esbjerg Ensemble.

A part of Point Music Festival

The Gothenburg Concert Hall will be occupied by Point Music Festival 15-18 may. Join the exploration journey with open minds for unforgettable world-class music experiences! Pick one of the concerts or select several favorites and get 15% discount.

Point Music Festival is conducted with the support of the Sten A Olsson foundation for Research and Culture.


Beethoven Septet in E flat
39 min

Sørensen Pantomime - Papillons
24 min


Esbjerg Ensemble

Katrine Gislinge piano

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