Strings Attached II

String Quartet from Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Johan Gry narrator

Strings Attached II

String Quartet from Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, Johan Gry narrator

An opportunity to hear Beethoven’s most talked-about, astonishing and strongest piece for string quartet, the famous Grosse Fuge, as finale in op 130.

Here he crossed all boundaries of what could be achieved with a string quartet’s four parts. Magnificent, marvelous and amazing. If the mood is right, you’ll leave this concert as a new person. Musicians from Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra with Sara Trobäck on first violin play this extraordinary quartet, and we’ll also hear parts from Beethoven’s sometimes painfully honest letters and diaries, read by actor Johan Gry. In the texts appears a man who philosophises about the arts, his deafness and the great task of providing music to humanity.

A part of Point Music Festival

The Gothenburg Concert Hall will be occupied by Point Music Festival 15-18 may. Join the exploration journey with open minds for unforgettable world-class music experiences! Pick one of the concerts or select several favorites and get 15% discount.

Point Music Festival is conducted with the support of the Sten A Olsson foundation for Research and Culture.


Beethoven String Quartet No. 13 in B flat
40 min

Beethoven Personal letters, excerpts

Beethoven Grosse Fuge
15 min


Musiker ur Göteborgs Symfoniker

Johan Gry narrator

Sara Trobäck Violin

Terje Skomedal Violin

Per Högberg viola

Claes Gunnarsson cello

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