VÄGUS Autumn Concert
5 Oct 19.30

Over 200 young people on stage when Mahler's magnificent "Resurrection Symphony" is performed by Västra Götaland's Youth Symphony Orchestra, choir and conductor Simon Kim Phipps!

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Nordic Jazz
9 Oct 18.00

Subtle, swinging and full of mystical harmonies. In this concert we meet Nordic jazz sounds with Bohuslän Big Band, Vince Mendoza, Nils Landgren, Silje Nergaard, Lars Danielsson and Helge Lien.

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Family Concert: See ya!
15 Oct 15.00

A grand adventure over land and sea, with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and actress Siri Hamari.

Sold out!
Sold out!
Malene Mortensen – More than Jazz
17 Oct 19.30

A captivating and entertaining concert with the Danish singer who has collaborated with jazz greats such as Chris Potter, Mike Stern and Niels Henning Ørsted Pedersen.

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One-hit wonders
18 Oct 18.00

Learn more about classical music in the Classical Curiosities lecture series. This time the spotlight falls on the poor people who became famous for just one piece, such as Chaminade, Pachelbel or von Paradis. Lecturer: Magdalena Fronczak.

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Relaxed Performance
22 Oct 13.00

A concert with musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra where everyone, regardless of temperament, age and capacity, is welcome to enjoy the music in their own way. Quite simply a concert with a little more freedom.

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Sing the praises of the organ, Gothenburg New Girls Choir!
23 Oct 11.00

Celebrate the first anniversary of the magnificent concert hall organ together with Göteborgs Nya Flickkör and Magnus Kjellson organist! At the programme is music by Vivaldi, Britten, Fauré, Pärt, Delibes and others.

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Workshop: Sing!
23 Oct 16.00

Welcome to an open workshop for everyone who loves to sing, in connection with the concert hall organ's sparkling one-year anniversary! We gather in the Götaplats foyer and sing some wonderful and famous songs together.

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Sing the praises of the organ, Vox Luna!
23 Oct 17.00

Familys - celebrate the first anniversary of the magnificent concert hall organ together with the choir Vox Luna from Lidköping and a children's choir! At the programme you find loved songs by Georg Riedel and sing-along.

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The Fall Break Choir gives The Armed Man
2 Nov 18.00

A magnificent mass for peace with young singers and musicians under the leadership of Simon Kim Phipps.

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Homayoun Shajarian
4 Nov 19.30

The Iranian singing superstar makes a guest appearance in Gothenburg with a wonderful mix of classical Persian and western music on the programme.

Sold out!
Sold out!
Youssou N'Dour
5 Nov 19.30

Winner of the Polar Music Prize and one of Africa’s greatest and most influential musicians. Finally, the Senegalese musician Youssou N’Dour is able to visit Gothenburg, fresh on the heels of the release of his latest album Mbalax. Do not miss this opportunity!

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University of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra
18 Nov 18.00

Mendelssohn Hensel, Kraus and Prokofjev with the young orchestra musicians from the master’s programme at the Academy of Music and Drama.

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Family Concert: Fright Night
19 Nov 13.00

A horror story built on old myths and tall tales of unhappy spirits and ghosts, with Simon Hansson and musicians from the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

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Nielsen and other Danes
22 Nov 18.00

Learn more about classical music in the series of lectures entitled Classical curiosities. This time we take a trip to Denmark to get to know Carl Nielsen, but also Langgaard, Vagn Holmboe and Per Nörgård. Lecturer: Johannes Gustavsson.

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String passion with The Nordic Fiddlers Bloc
25 Nov 19.30

A captivating mix of folk music from the Shetland Islands, Norway and Sweden, performed by a passionate trio of fiddlers.

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The Groove Extension takes hold
28 Nov 19.30

Powerful and darkly bluesy with Kjell Jansson, Anders Kjellberg and Björn Cedergren, reinforced by Bror Gunnar Jansson, Stina Jansson, Tommy Kotter, Vanessa Liftig and Emma Augustsson!

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Family Concert: Christmas Cheer for the Whole Family
10 Dec

An atmospheric and glittering Christmas concert with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s Brass and Vocal Ensembles, and Gothenburg New Girl Choir in the magnificent Stora Salen auditorium!

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Polar Star Prize Final
5 Jan 15.00

Endless excitement with Sweden’s foremost young musicians and the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Who will be this year’s winner?!

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VÄGUS Winter Concert
1 Feb 19.00

Irresistible entertainment with Västra Götaland’s Youth Symphony Orchestra and conductor Simon Kim Phipps.

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Tim Ries – On His Own
6 Feb 19.30

Modern jazz with a touch of latin and flamenco, with acclaimed saxophonist Tim Ries from New York.

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7 Feb 18.00

Learn more about classical music in the series of lectures entitled Classical curiosities. This tuesday the theme  is water. Debussy created salt-sprinkled waves and snow, and Liszt and Ravel conjured images of sprinkling fountains. Lecturer: Camilla Lundberg.

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The Sports Holiday Orchestra’s Closing Concert
15 Feb 18.00

Young orchestral musicians celebrate their closing concert under the leadership of conductors Marjolein Vermeeren and Ron Davis Alvarez.

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An Albanian Musical Treasure
24 Feb 19.30

Traditional local folk music from southern Albania about struggling shepherds, heroism, family tragedies and longing – a treasure in the hands of the grandiose ensemble Saz’iso.

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