Brahms' little masterpeice

Chamber concert: Musicians from Gothenburg Symphony

Brahms' little masterpeice

Chamber concert: Musicians from Gothenburg Symphony

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Well, of course there is more than one. But many would probably agree that the clarinet trio is one of the best of his later creations. One of Brahms’ friends wrote: “It is as though the instruments were in love with each other.”

Brahms composed the trio for his friend Richard Mühlfeld, one of the best clarinettists of his time. He was given a set of silver spoons to thank him for what he’d done for Brahms’ music.

The opening movement alone is worth the ticket price. But there are more delights at this concert: Mozart’s unaffected oboe quartet, the artful Jean Françaix’ farcical Divertissement (“entertainment music”), and not least a fascinating rarity: Louise Farrenc’s trio from 1856 that refined the French flute sound in Farenc’s own, personal way – you can sense later French composers, such as Saint-Saëns and Jolivet here.


Mozart Oboe Quartet
16 min

Farrenc Trio for flute, cello and piano, op. 45
22 min

Françaix Divertissement pour basson et quintette à cordes
11 min

25 min

Netzel Suite Pour Flûte et Piano, op. 33
7 min

Brahms Clarinet Trio
26 min


Musiker ur Göteborgs Symfoniker

Anders Jonhäll flute

Mårten Larsson oboe

Selena Markson-Adler clarinet

Constantin Gerstein bassoon

Sara Trobäck violin

Justyna Jara violin

Lars Mårtensson viola

Claes Gunnarsson cello

Johan Stern cello

Charles DeRamus double-bass

Per Lundberg piano

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