Event has already taken place. Tchaikovsky’s much-loved The Nutcracker Suite, Black Hawk Eagle, sensual Carmen and other irresistible chamber works.

Concert length: 1 h 15 min Scene: Stenhammarsalen
280 SEK Student 140 SEK

Event has already taken place

Due to current restrictions, we can only welcome a very limited audience for the concerts in September. This means that all subscription seats for this concert will be redeemed and  the money will be refunded. We are sorry that this affects you and we do everything we can to get back to a normal situation as quickly as possible where you obviously have your booked chairs and can look forward to a safe experience in the Concert Hall. The single tickets for the limited salons will be released on the season’s big ticket release on August 28 at 11.00. As usual, you as a subscriber have 24 hours online priority via your web profile.

Christian Lindberg and Roland Pöntinen treat us to a real Tchaikovsky favourite, the romantic The Nutcracker Suite; Bizet’s sensual Carmen; music Lindberg and Pöntinen wrote themselves; and the overture to Wilhelm Tell.

Roland Pöntinen spelar på flygel.

Lindberg’s Black Hawk Eagle is an orchestral suite rearranged for piano. Composer Christian Lindberg has stated he does not compose in any particular style; instead, he says he simply writes down the music within him – “to say otherwise would be pretentious and nonsensical.”

While Carmen was Georges Bizet’s most successful work, its success was not instantaneous – on the contrary. Nineteenth-century France was not ready for such a sensual opera. Critics called Carmen shameless and accused the women in the cigarette factory of being creatures “from the bowels of hell itself”. But the work’s sensuality is what makes it so popular today.

One of many examples of Christian Lindberg’s soulful trombone playing.


Rossini Overture to Guillaume Tell 12 min

Pöntinen L´heure bleue 6 min

Bizet Suite from Carmen 11 min

Lindberg Black Hawk Eagle 15 min

Tchaikovsky Suite from The Nutcracker 23 min


Christian Lindberg trombone

Roland Pöntinen piano

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Nr 1 2021-2022 40-årsjubileum: Christian Lindberg & Roland Pöntinen

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