Subscriptions 2017-2018

A concert subscription gives you a number of rewarding concerts to look forward to, a better price, and a guaranteed seat at concerts that sell out quickly. You’ll also get your own chair in the auditorium, the chance to meet other music lovers to share the experiences with, and more benefits.

Already a subscriber? Dot forget to secure your seat not later than 14 may.

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Watch greetings from the artists

A lot of us are looking forward to season 2017-2018, not least the guesting artists. Watch their greetings to the audience!

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Subscriptions 2016-2017

As a subscriber in the 2016-2017 series you still have some concerts to look forward to.

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Try-On Subscriptions

Try-On Subscriptions are affordable concert series aimed at beginners who are curious about classical music. The series includes three concerts with pre meetings. At two of the pre meetings a musician from the Gotheburg Symphony tells about the orchestra and its instruments. The third hit is a guided tour of the Concert Hall.

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