The Small subscription Wonderful Wednesdays

This subscription has started for the season: In the subscription Wednesday small, you get the percussion phantom Grubinger, vibrating organ sounds, drama, Berlioz's fantastic symphony and even more enchanting orchestral music.

1480-2120 SEK Student half price
The price depends on which zone you choose 20% discount per concert

A subscription to the Gothenburg Concert Hall gives you unforgettable experiences, a discounted ticket price, a place at concerts that are quickly sold out and your own chair in the salon. In addition, many others to share the experiences with.

Renewal of subscriptions for season 2023-2024

On 22 March, the re-signing period opens for the coming season. Make sure you have given us the correct email address and postal address so that you can easily renew your subscription via the link you receive via email or via the brochure you receive in your mailbox. We welcome new subscribers to book starting on 20 April.