Visit the architectural pearl at Götaplatsen, which has enchanted music lovers since 1935!

A visit to the Gothenburg Concert Hall is an experience for all the senses – the joy of the ear, the eye and the taste. To relax and get in the mood in the beautiful surroundings and then being touched, elated and overwhelmed by the music are among the highlights of life. Unforgettable musical memories are born here every week.

The concerts are given in the Great Hall, a magnificent room world-famous for its fine acoustics and in the more intimate Stenhammar Hall – atmospherically decorated with beautiful wooden ornatings. In the house there are also a lot of other art treasures to rest your eyes on. If you want to enjoy an extra moment of the beautiful environment, just settle down in one of the bars or in the restaurant. Welcome!

A breathtaking experience

Anyone who enters the Great Hall for the first time will never forget it. It is a breathtaking experience to look up at the walls and ceiling and take in the stylish and impressive room in its warm sewing maple.

The feeling is open, airy and free. The hall’s clean lines make the stage, the musicians and the artists the center of the room – here the energy is born that spreads to everyone in the audience. Guest artists have been impressed by the fantastic acoustics since 1935, from the legendary violinist Isaac Stern to the singer and conductor Barbara Hannigan.

In the Great Hall, all kinds of music thrive in all genres, from brittle key harp, explosive jazz and the latest pop tune to the embraced sound of an entire symphony orchestra. Just sink into the red chair and let the emotions flow.

Surrounded by art

When you step into the Stenhammar Hall, it immediately feels like you are entering a cozy room, warm and reasonably subdued, suitable for confidential conversations and a close meeting with the musicians and music. Every breath is heard here!

The concert hall’s architect Nils Einar Eriksson described it as follows: “This hall is completely designed for intimacy. It has been richly decorated in marquetry by the artist Ewald Dahlskog. The material is mainly mahogany and plaster on panels.” This panel reflects sweet tones from solo piano, jazz trios, string quartets and indie bands as well as laughter and cheers from an audience that is amused by spex or standup.

The inlay The toned nature extends like an arabesque around the grandstand. It begins with a sea god trumpeting in a seashell and then winds its way through in abstract patterns, leaf vines and flower bells. In the middle of the arabesque, a golden lyre flares up. Stretched birds, hissing snails and seahorses bring the arabesque to its final destination – another sea god, this time with a lyre in its arms. Motifs that interact with a jazz trumpet, a melancholy singer-songwriter or a violin that can shine with a tonic solo part.

More together-time!

Enjoy a good dinner before the concert or add luxury to it in it with a glass of bubbly during the break. Or why not both? The Concert Hall has a restaurant, café and bars.

The restaurant is proudly Nordic Ecolabelled and offers seasonal à la carte. The café and bars serve organic coffee, organic wines and much more.

Here you will find more concert tips!

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