Event has already taken place. With this phenomenal improviser at the piano, every moment is a unique experience.

Concert length: 2 h incl. intermission Scene: Stenhammarsalen
290-370 SEK Student 145-185 SEK

Event has already taken place

With phenomenal improviser Jacob Karlzon at the piano, every moment is a unique experience. The emotions and the energy that form in the spontaneous meeting with the audience moves his music forward, upwards, and onto new, unexpected paths. And you’re part of its creation.

Constant explorer, piano virtuoso and composer Jacob Karlzon takes us into his very own soundscape, shaped not just by jazz, but also by metal, electro and Scandinavian folk music. Sometimes the result is sensitive and melancholy, sometimes challenging, powerful and with an irresistible pulse. Always delivered with dazzling improvisation ability and great technical and rhythmic brilliance.

He calls his music Technorganic, a term that both mirrors Jacob’s fascination with the opportunities of new technology, and the warm and earthy feeling he strives for. A feeling that makes artist and audience alike happy.


Jacob Karlzon piano, elektronik

Morten Ramsbøl bas

Rasmus Kihlberg drums

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Nr 2 2019-2020 Jacob Karlzon Trio

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