The Concert Hall Venues Beautiful rooms for beautiful experiences

Timeless. It is the word that sums up both the Concert Hall's architecture and its function, to gather people in a beautiful environment for shared experiences that develop and enrich us. This is not least noticeable in the house's venues.

The concerts in Gothenburg Concert Hall are played in The Great Hall, a magnificent room world-famous for its fine acoustics, and the more intimate Stenhammar Hall, atmospherically decorated with beautiful marquetry. Take a look at the halls’ arena plan to find your favorite seat. Sometimes the cloakroom and the Götaplats foyer also turn into scenes.

The Great Hall (Stora salen)

The first time you enter Stora Salen, the Concert Hall’s main auditorium, will be an experience that you will never forget. It is a breathtaking sensation to look up at the walls and ceiling and take in the stylish and impressive auditorium and the warmth of its sycamore wood.

Vy över salongen i Stora salen, röda sammetsstolar för publiken och scenen längst fram.

The feeling is one of openness, airiness and freedom. The auditorium’s clean lines ensure that the stage, the musicians and the artists are the centre of attention – and the surroundings give rise to an energy that soon spreads to every member of the audience. Ever since the inauguration of the Concert Hall in 1935, guest artists have continued to be impressed by the auditorium’s fantastic acoustics, from the legendary violinist Isaac Stern to the renowned soprano and conductor Barbara Hannigan.

The Stora Salen auditorium provides a perfect setting for all types of music in all genres, from the distinctive sound of a Swedish key harp, explosive jazz and the latest hits to the majestic, all-embracing music produced by an entire symphony orchestra. Just sit back in your red chair and let your emotions flow.

Vy över Stora salens salong med röda sammetsstolar och välvda träpartier längs loger och bakre sektion i salen.

The Stenhammar Hall (Stenhammarsalen)

When you step into the Stenhammarsalen auditorium, you immediately feel that you have entered a friendly and welcoming room with a warm and perfectly subdued atmosphere, an ideal setting for whispered conversations and an intimate meeting with the musicians and their music. Each and every breath can be heard in here!

As Nils Einar Eriksson described it: ”This auditorium has been designed for the utmost intimacy. It has been elegantly adorned with intarsia by the artist Ewald Dahlskog, with the material primarily consisting of mahogany and plaster on lath panels.” These panels reflect the delightful tones produced by a solo piano, jazz trio, string quartet or indie band, as well as the laughter and cheers from an audience entertained by farce or stand-up comedy.

The intarsia, entitled ”The Tones of Nature”, stretches around the auditorium like an arabesque. It begins with a sea god blowing into a seashell like a trumpet, and then continues to weave its way around the auditorium in abstract patterns, leafy vines and flowers. A golden lyre flares up in the middle of the arabesque, and rows of birds, murmuring seashells and seahorses then bring the arabesque to its final destination – yet another sea god, this time with a lyre in his arms. Motifs that interact perfectly with a jazz trumpet, a melancholy singer-songwriter or a violin that is allowed to shine through the tones of a solo part.

Träintarsia smyckar balkongen i Stenhammarsalen.som

The Wardrobe Hall (Garderobshallen)

The Wardrobe Hall is the first thing you encounter after entering through the Concert Hall’s entrance doors on Götaplatsen. It is a flexible and atmospheric room that can be transformed into a concert hall full of creativity.

The Götaplats Foyer (Götaplatsfoajén)

The Götaplats foyer’s panoramic window and balcony offer a beautiful view of Götaplatsen and Avenyn. Here, the concert audience usually mingles before a concert and during the break, but sometimes this area also turns into a shimmering concert hall. Not least when Fikastråket sets up a wonderful start on Saturdays with classical music and coffee in addition!

Två cellister tackar för applåderna i Götaplatsfoajén.