Welcome to the world of music

Gothenburg Concert Hall is full of surprises for children and youth, and you are all welcome! Experience the feeling of magical music by listening from a concert chair or playing by yourself. Here you find the international music camp, holiday activities, podcasts and fun ways to study with the help from our app Octomonk.

Enjoy Gothenburg Symphony with your school class

A visit to the Gothenburg Concert Hall at Götaplatsen is an appreciated activity for schoolchildren of all ages. Welcome to book free concerts!

School concerts

Are you a young musician? Become one of us!

Get to know like-minded people who love music! Welcome to participate in The fall break choir, VÄGUS – The Västra Götaland’s Youth Symphony Orchestra, The Sports Holiday Orchestra or the music camp Side by Side.

Play and sing with us

Introduce the students to classical music

Here you can find material and introduce your students to classical music, prepare them for a school concert or gather the experience afterwards.

For teachers

Playful free app helps you study

Meet Octomonk, a playful free app for iPhone that helps kids study better with classical music. The app is aimed at children in grades 3-6.

Study with Octomonk

Meet the most famous composers

Who are the composers behind the most famous classical masterpieces? Take the opportunity to get to know some of them and listen to their music – maybe it will be the start of a lifelong friendship.

Get to know the composers

Experience the magic of classical music

At GSOplay junior, there are some of the concerts the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra has done for and with children and young people, films about various instruments and play-along recordings. Enjoy!

GSOplay Junior

The world's largest music camp

During Side by Side by El Sistema, children and youth from all over the world meet in Gothenburg to play in a choir, create and develop. Through music, we build bridges between people, cultures and continents.

Side by Side by El Sistema