Study with Octomonk Playful free app helps you study

Make your studies fun with classical music - find harmony and study even better!

Meet Octomonk, a playful free app for iPhone that helps you to study better in a peaceful way with classical music and some high jinks. The app is aimed at children 9-12 years but of course also works well for older people with a child’s mind left.

In the app Octomonk you help Octomonk’s friends grow and get back their musicality. All you have to do is study. Everything while listening to classical music.

Research has shown that it is difficult to keep the concentration for more than 25 minutes. The Pomodor Technique is a time management tool where you divide work in 25-minute intervals to maintain efficiency.

When you have plotted an interval with the Octomonk app, you will get a break of five minutes before you can get started again. For each period, you also get a reward in the app.

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Octomonk is available on AppStore in iPhone version and is created in a collaboration between Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra and Stendahls. The purpose of the collaboration was to introduce classical music to more generations. The app was nominated for the 2019 Swedish Arts and Business Award – the prize Culture & Business gives each year to the best collaboration between culture and business in the past year.

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Science on how music influences learning

Today, many listen to classical music through for example Spotify or You Tube when to concentrate. In Octomonk, you have lifted this listening a level by working with Professor Gunnar Bjursell who is world leading in science on how music influences learning.

– Listening to music gives you a different kind of brain, and in terms of learning – a better brain, Gunnar Bjursell tells, project leader for The Cultural Brain Initiative at Karolinska Institutet.

All music in the app is played Gothenburg Symphony – the National Orchestra of Sweden.

Octomonk in the classroom

Octomonk works as well for the individual student as to use for an entire classroom. By plugging the phone into a projector or screen, students can see how much time is left in the current plug-in intervals, while at the same time enjoying a comfortable music while listening to work.

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