For educators Introduce your students to classical music

Here is material to introduce your students to classical music, to prepare them for a school concert or take care of their experiences afterwards.

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Introduce your students to classical music! Here is material to introduce your students to classical music, to prepare them for a school concert or take care of their experiences afterwards.

Listen to the podcast Musical Geniuses

Meet some of history's most interesting composers in a podcast format that is perfect for children between 9 and 12 years. The podcast is in Swedish.

Listen to the podcast
Glada barn i konserthusets foajé.

Come to us for a a study visit!

You get to know the magnificent concert hall at Götaplatsen, meet the Gothenburg Symphony and learn more about the instruments in the orchestra. The study visits are aimed at schoolchildren from the age of six up to upper secondary school and cost nothing.

Study visits

Get to know the instruments

The symphony orchestra is a one, big instrument! The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra consists of 109 musicians and is by far the largest symphony orchestra in Sweden. In an orchestra there are a number of instruments divided into instrument groups: strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, piano and harp.


Book free school concerts

Bring your students to a school concert! Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra plays for children of all ages, both in the cozy Stenhammarsalen and the mighty Great Hall. And the concerts are for free!

School concerts

The composers behind the most famous masterpieces

Take the opportunity to get to know some of the composers behind the most famous classical masterpieces and listen to their music. Maybe it will be the start of a lifelong friendship.

Get to know the composers

Watch concerts & get inspired

At GSOplay Junior you find some of the concerts the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra has done for and with children and young people, films about orchestral instruments and play-along recordings.

GSOplay Junior

The vocabulary of the orchestra

Each world has its own special words. Percussion stick, repertoire, concertmaster and podium are some of the words that exist in the world of a symphony orchestra.

Discover the words of the orchestra

Enjoy studying with playful app

Meet Octomonk, a playful free app for iPhone that helps you study better and get study peace with the help of classical music and a little mischief. The app is aimed at children aged 9-12, but of course also works well for older people with the child's mind left.


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Develop your musicality with us

Musicians from Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, professional educators and singers inspire you in the Concert Hall - guaranteed energy injections for children and youth where you get to know even more people who love music.

Play & sing with us
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