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All our concert experiences must be in harmony with sustainable principles. And the three dimensions of sustainability – the ecological, social and economic – are an indivisible whole and dependent on each other. Here you can read more about our sustainability work.

The global goals that the Region Västra Götaland’s sustainability goals connect to, our owner, also form the basis of our sustainability work. The three dimensions of sustainability – ecological, social and economic – are an indivisible whole because they are interconnected and interdependent.

Since 2013, the Gothenburg Symphony is environmentally certified by the City of Gothenburg under Swedish Miljöbas specification standard. An environmental certification shows that the business has implemented an environmental management system and attach great importance to actual environmental improvements and environmental education for employees.

Our restaurant is furthermore KRAV and Swan certified and therefore fulfills the Swan’s tough sustainability criteria. The restaurant serves a very high proportion of organic food compared with the rest of the restaurant industry and the environmentally conscious staff are actively working to conserve resources.

The UN’s global sustainability goals

Agenda 2030 is the UN’s global goal for sustainable development. The 17 goals are to contribute to an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable world and together they form a puzzle where all the pieces need to be included. They are the most ambitious sustainability goals the world has ever committed to.

Sweden is well ahead in the transition but much work remains to be done. As a social stakeholder, Region Västra Götaland will act as a forerunner for sustainable development in Sweden and the rest of the world. Of course, this is a priority for the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra.

The global goals that the Region Västra Götaland’s sustainability goals connect to also form the basis of Gothenburg Symphony’s sustainability work:

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The three dimensions of sustainability – the ecological, social and economic – are an indivisible whole because they are connected to and dependent on each other.

Ecological sustainability

Our society today faces several major environmental challenges. Climate change affects people’s health and living conditions by more frequent extreme weather events, both in Sweden and globally. Biodiversity is declining at an accelerating rate. Our consumption drains many of Earth’s resources and spreads toxins to humans, animals and nature.

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The reason for Region Västra Götaland’s Environmental goals 2030 is to responsibly make use of our planet’s resources in a sustainable way, both now and in the future.

Social sustainability

A socially sustainable society is a fair and equal society, where people live a good and healthy life, without any unfair differences. A tolerant society centered around human equality, which requires people to trust each other and to participate in the development of society.

Social sustainability is critically important for a democratic society, and it is completely necessary from a socioeconomic perspective. A socially sustainable society can withstand pressures and is adaptable and open to change.

Region Västra Götaland will work towards reaching the national public health goal, which involves creating the conditions for a good and equal health for the population, and to reduce preventable health inequalities within the timespan of one generation.

Human rights and human dignity will be at the core of Region Västra Götaland’s work and our democracy. Equality, participation, transparency and accountability will be at the heart of all our activities and decisions. No person will be left behind.

Economic sustainability

Economic sustainability means an economy that is sustainable over time and that supports the possibilities of achieving ecological and social sustainability.

Region Västra Götaland will have a sustainable economic development by means of good financial management, balanced long-term finances, responsible investments and sustainable procurements.

Our house

Sustainability is a priority area for Higab, which owns and manages many of the buildings that are characteristic of Gothenburg – including Gothenburg Concert Hall.

Among other things, environmentally friendly construction processes are used, energy use is optimized, renewable fuels are used and waste generated is returned to the cycle as much as possible.

The social dimension is about providing the conditions for inclusive meeting places and business premises in the city, accessible and adapted for everyone.

More about Higab's sustainability work
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