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We want to ensure that you as a guest are comfortable and enjoy your concert experience. Prepare for your visit with us here!

A warm welcome to us! Here you will find information about things that can be good to know when it’s time for your visit to Gothenburg Concert Hall. Do you want to make your visit something really special and eat in one of our restaurants before the concert? Our audience hosts are on site before, during and after the concert to help you get it right.

Frequently asked questions about the concert visit

We recommend that you arrive at the Concert Hall at least 15 minutes before the concert starts. Then you will have plenty of time  to hang your outerwear in the closet and find your seat. If you are going to pick up tickets from the ticket office, or are planning a visit to one of our bars, we recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the concert.

Classical concerts in the Great Hall
At a concert with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra in the Great Hall, you are welcome two hours before the start of the concert, and to visit our foyer. If you have booked a table in our restaurant, we welcome you 2.5 hours before the concert starts so that you have time to enjoy the meal in peace and quiet.

Family concert in the Great Hall
At a family concert in the Great Hall, you are welcome one hour before the concert starts.

Other concerts in the Great Hall
Opening hours vary depending on the concert start. Please contact the ticket office for more information.

Concert in Stenhammarsalen
Welcome one hour before the concert starts.

About ten minutes before the concert starts, we call for the first time. The second ringing indicates that there are about five minutes left and the third that three minutes remain. After the third ring, the doors to the salon close and the concert begins.

Yes, there are both bars and an à la carte restaurant in Gothenburg Concert Hall. Here you will find more information.

When a concert starts, the doors close and those who arrive late are not let in until a suitable break in the concert occurs. In some cases, it may only be possible during a break. This is done to show consideration for our artists, musicians and our audience. Our audience hosts are on site before, during and after the concert to help you get it right. Do not hesitate to ask if you need help with anything.

Our concert halls are acoustically designed and give you a wonderful art experience no matter where you choose to sit in the hall. The location of your seating is therefore entirely up to you. Many of our concertgoers prefer “their” specific places in the concert hall. It can be in the middle, while others like to be higher up in one of the lodges or on the balcony to be able to see the whole orchestra better. It can also depend on the repertoire performed at the concert. For example, if there is a piano soloist, some listeners prefer to have a place where they can see the soloist.

Our opening hours are adapted to the performances. Find when your particular event starts on your ticket or in our concert program.


Events in the Great Hall

The doors to the Concert Hall open 2 hours before the start of the concert. Welcome to our beautiful foyer and bars, which are always open in connection with events in the Great Hall. Do you have a reservation in the restaurant? Welcome to begin your seating 2.5 hours before the start of the concert. See your ticket or our concert program for the start time of the event.


Events in Stenhammarsalen

Events at the Stenhammarsalen, the doors to the Concert Hall open 1 hour before the start of the concert. The serving opens at the same time. See your ticket or find your event in the concert program for the event’s start time.


Do you have any questions?

The specific opening hours for what applies to your event can be found in our “Before the Visit” email, which is sent to your inbox a couple of days before your visit at the Concert Hall. You are also welcome to contact the ticket office for more information regarding our opening hours.


A warm welcome to Gothenburg’s Concert Hall!


For us, it is important that you as an audience feel safe and secure when you attend one of our events. Here, we list all the measures we take to ensure increased safety in connection with the pandemic.

Come as you are! It is optional clothing when visiting us. However, keep in mind that there are visitors who may be sensitive to strong odors. Feel free to refrain from strong perfumes and hair sprays with regard to allergy sufferers or odor hypersensitivity.

At classical concerts, many concertgoers only applaud at the end of a complete work, even though the piece has several movements. This means that there may be quiet moments when the music has stopped, but no one applauds. In the concert program on each concert page, you will find all the works that will be played during the concert and its length. Here you will also find work comments, as well as biographies of the participants. If you are unsure, you can also wait for the rest of the audience to clap before you applaud. But remember, in the end, it’s just applause and nothing to worry about.

We welcome everyone to a relaxing mobile-free zone, where the music takes place and the outside world has to wait. Do not forget to turn off your mobile phone during the concert. Keep in mind that, not only a conversation can be disruptive to others in the audience, but also general mobile use with glowing screens that draws attention from the shared concert experience.

Under the concert category “Beginners classical music” we have collected our recommendations for you who are curious about classical music. If you would rather botanize among our entire concert offer, you can easily do so in the concert program. Many make their selection based on composer, soloist, repertoire or the date and time of the performance.

Do you have more questions? Contact the ticket office

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