Trädgårdsföreningen Side by Side by El Sistema: Diversity Festival

Event has already taken place. Preschoolers from all over Gothenburg gather in Trädgårdsföreningen for picnics and singing.

Concert length: 1 h
Free entry

Event has already taken place

Preschoolers from all over Gothenburg gather in Trädgårdsföreningen for picnics to sing together with teachers and musicians from Gothenburg Cultural Schools. 

Gothenburg Symphony has been the main organizer of the international orchestra camp Side by Side El Sistema Sweden since 2016. As a flagship for the Swedish National Orchestra’s strong children and youth activities, the camp takes place as an important meeting place for children and young people.

The camp is being conducted in close collaboration with the El Sistema Foundation, which inspires the unique social inclusion model developed since 1975 in Venezuela with José Antonio Abreu as founder. With the vision that all children in Sweden should be given the opportunity for positive development through musicians in choirs and orchestras, the foundation works to spread and develop El Sistema in Sweden.

The camp is supported by the City of Gothenburg and the Västra Götaland region, and we build the camp together with the Cultural Schools in Gothenburg. The camp is an important part of Gothenburg´s 400th anniversary. Together with children and young people from all over the world, we celebrate with joy and creativity all the way up to the anniversary of 2021 and long after. Our goal is that when Gothenburg fills 400 years, Side by Side by El Sistema is a world-leading music camp for children from all over the world.


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