Art in the Concert Hall Änglar (Angels)

Glass relief from 1935 depicting angels by a waterfall in the narrow windows in the foyer of the Great Hall. The artist is Vicke Lindstrand (1904-1983), active at both Orrefors and Kosta glassworks. This work is made together with the glassblower Knut Petersson.

Vicke Lindstrand (1904-1983)

Designer, sculptor, visual artist. Education: The Handicraft Association’s school, Gothenburg. From 1928, Vicke Lindstrand worked at Orrefors glassworks, then artistic director Uppsala-Ekeby 1941-50. From 1950 at Kosta glassworks. Vicke Lindstrand has made several public works, including in the Trinity Church, Gävle, glass sculptures in Norrköping, Umeå, Växjö, Stuttgart. Represented: National Museum, Röhsska Museum, Metropolitan, New York.

120 x 26,5 cm

Art with music in focus

Many of the works of art in Gothenburg Concert Hall are connected to music or have a relationship with Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Here you will find everything from portraits of composers such as Grieg and Sibelius to Sweden's largest weave with patterns by Sven X-et Erixson.

Art in the Concert Hall
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