Art in the Concert Hall Neeme Järvi

A bronze bust by the Estonian-American conductor Neeme Järvi, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s chief conductor 1982-2004. The work is signed Britt-Marie Jern (b. 1950) and stands in the Great Hall’s foyer.

The portrait bust was ordered as a tribute to Neeme Järvi, who played a large part in the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra being internationally recognized through extensive tours abroad and a large number of recordings that were praised around the world. In addition to Gothenburg, the portrait is also in the Max Fisher Music Center in Detroit and in Tallinn’s concert hall. The bronze bust is in the foyer of the Great Hall.

Britt-Marie Jern (f 1950)

The bust is made by Britt-Marie Jern (b. 1950), visual artist, sculptor and graphic artist. She works as an art teacher at Stenebyskolan (HDK Steneby) in Dals-Långed and is a university lecturer in visual communication and design at the University of Gothenburg. Britt-Marie Jern was educated at Hovedskous Painting School 1971-1974 and Valand Art School in Gothenburg 1974-1979. She is represented at the Swedish Arts Council, the Gothenburg Art Museum, the Swedish Academy, the Skövde Art Museum and the Swedish Parliament. She has had a large number of solo exhibitions in Sweden and performed a number of public assignments in Gothenburg, Borås, Ulricehamn, Mölndal, Mark, Åmål, Solna, Stavanger and Skövde. Other portrait busts Britt-Marie Jern made include Dan Andersson (Järntorget, Gothenburg), Artur Lundkvist and Maria Vine (Solna) and Saint Birgitta (Skövde), respectively.

40 x 21 x 28 cm

© Britt-Marie Jern /BUS 2009