Konst i Konserthuset Wilhelm Stenhammar

A bronze portrait of Wilhelm Stenhammar, Gothenburg Orchestra Association's chief conductor 1907-1922. The sculpture is in the foyer of the Great Hall.

A very well-made bronze portrait in full figure by the composer Wilhelm Stenhammar (1872-1927), Gothenburg Orchestra Association’s chief conductor 1907-1922. Victor Lindborg (1868-1956) made the sculpture in 1919 and the work was donated to the Gothenburg Concert Hall during the 1980s. Originally, there was a conductor’s stick in the figure’s right hand. The sculpture is in the foyer of the Great Hall.

Stenhammar has named the smaller concert hall in Gothenburg Concert Hall – Stenhammarsalen.

Victor Lindborg (1868-1956)

Studied at the technical school for 7 years. Participated in group exhibitions. Lived in Vadstena, born in Västmanland. L. has made sculptures, portrait busts, medals, medallions, including bronze and silver medals by Gustaf den V and Sibylla.

42 x 17 x 16 cm