Gothenburg Concert Hall Rent The Viktor Rydberg Hall

Viktor Rydbergssalen is the close meeting room fully equipped for conference. The room is just as suitable for concentrated meetings as for smaller lectures and concerts. The hall is the perfect alternative for smaller meetings and is furnished according to your wishes.

All prices related to events in Viktor Rydbergssalen in the Gothenburg Concert Hall, are stated excluding VAT and are valid until December 31, 2023.


Full day, 8 hours: SEK 9 000
Half day, 4 hours: SEK 5 500

  • Hours (which take place after 8 hours for a full day and 4 hours for a half day) are charged at SEK 1,000 per hour started.
  • Rental of other technology, technicians and other equipment is available on quotation.
  • Food and drinks are ordered on quotation via the Concert Hall’s restaurant.

Prices include

The rent is based on 8 hours per full day and 4 hours per half day. The rental period is the whole amount of time the tenant has access to the Victor Rydberg Hall, including time for preparations. Additional hours beyond 8 and 4 are charged at a rate of SEK 1,000 each hour begun. The hall rental includes a total of 2 hours for meetings, phone calls, and visits.

Booking enquiry

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Preliminary bookings are made free of charge, a final booking needs to be made within 4 weeks of the preliminary booking. After that, the preliminary booking automatically falls out of the system.

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