Partners & Cooperations Friends of Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra

Friends of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra is a non-profit association that supports the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra. Your membership is extremely valuable!

All membership contributions are passed on in full to the orchestra and are used for substantial scholarships, the chamber music series ”Fikastråket”, support for album recordings, clothing contributions to the musicians (stage clothes such as dress suits, dresses and footwear), and visits from international guest artists.


Get new friends

As a Friend of the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, you sometimes have the opportunity to meet musicians and conductors after concerts, and to attend study evenings and rehearsals. You also get to meet one of the orchestra’s vocal groups.

On these evenings, as a Friend of the orchestra, you have the opportunity to become more acquainted with one of the orchestra’s instrument sections and its musicians as they tell you about their work in the orchestra, their instruments and themselves.

A strong support

The Friend association arranges concert trips to various destinations at regular intervals. Now and then we accompany the orchestra to Vara, where they have a permanent stage outside of Gothenburg. The association also arranges music trips to other cities. For example, we have arranged opera trips to Oslo, Copenhagen and Berlin. When new trips are being planned, information about them is made available on the website.

Even for a national orchestra that has achieved considerable international success, life is much easier with the support of a strong association of Friends!

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