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Mozart Piano Concerto No 20

Mozart Piano Concerto No 20,whirling between trembling despair and melancholy hope


Mozart’s father visited Wolfgang in Vienna in 1785 and reports home to his  sister: “The concert was incomparable, the orchestra excellent. In addition to the symphonies, a singer from the Italian theater sang two arias. Then a new outstanding piano concert by Wolfgang was performed. It was so new that when we got there a copier was still working with the material and your brother did not even have time to play the entire concerto with the orchestra as he had to proof-read the sheet music”

The concert was the major in D-minor (K 466). When the father reports, why does he not write things we would like to know: how big the orchestra was, how the audience reacted and how many there were in the audience? Though, Leopold acknowledges that he cried for joy a few nights later when the son played another piano concert … And K 466 was “vortrefflich”. Not “dramatically” or “demonic” as it is so often described. The d-minor Concert was almost the only famous one in the 19th century. The others became outdated right after Wolfgang’s death. Perhaps a little “childish in the style” but they became popular again after World War II.

So popular that they were usually rehearsed before playing them…


Mozart Piano Concerto No 20


Gothenburg Symphony
Christian Zacharias conductor and piano

Recorded for GSOplay 14 November 2018

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